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Lockport, New York Apartment Complex:
"Jerry Kelly is truly a gentleman of the real estate brokerage industry.  Another broker referred me to Jerry.  He felt Jerry’s expertise is superb in obtaining favorable financing on very difficult deals.  After six months of negotiations, an almost impossible apartment complex deal turned into reality.  Jerry’s attention to detail, his patience and knowledge of the real estate market is unquestioned.  Jerry will be my first choice in any future real estate investment."
-Alan Linsky

Tonawanda, New York Industrial Property:
"After a fruitless three year search, through the assistance of Jerry Kelly, we were able to refinance and obtain more money than we expected, a lower interest rate than we expected, a longer amortization than we expected, lower closing costs than we expected, smaller escrow requirements than we expected, and a faster closing than we expected.  The deal worked out beautifully all the way around."
-Jack and Mary Ann Murray

Amherst, New York Apartment Complex:
"Jerry was extremely helpful during a very difficult period of 18 months that it took to refinance my apartment complex.  During this time he obtained proposals from 6 lenders, prepared my financial statements, prepared my loan package, helped me deal with a very difficult partner situation, helped negotiate a complex second mortgage payoff, enabled the payoff of a major back tax bill, and otherwise was right there with me every step of the way.  I would recommend his services to anyone seeking professional help with their mortgage financing."
-Joe Roetter

Broker Testimonial, Motel Property:
"Jerry Kelly was indeed a deal saver for a very difficult commercial deal this past year.  The Selling agent and myself, the Listing Agent,  had inquired at 21 different lenders to acquire financing for this particular property.  When we were referred to Jerry to acquire a commercial loan, he stated that it would be difficult to put this deal together, but that he would try.  This property involved three tier financing on a mixed use property involving a motel/restaurant.  He spent time on preparing the paperwork for the loan to make the deal look not only feasible, but attractive for a bank to give a loan.  I attribute the majority of the success on making this deal work on Jerry's paperwork presentation to the lender."

Jerry reviewed the file with three different lenders and followed up with myself, the Seller and Buyer until we got a loan and finally closed!  The transaction was difficult, but no one gave up.  As a Realtor, I count on everyone involved in the transaction to make it fly.  I would highly recommend Jerry for his creativity, knowledge, tenacity and diligence when working with his clients.  It has always been a pleasure dealing with Jerry."
-Louise Van Wart