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We provide a comprehensive mortgage and loan brokerage service for qualified clientele who seek commercial financing. Property types include nonresidential and income producing property. Venture capital fund raising is carried out for select firms. Equity investments are considered for apartment projects.

We specialize in mid-size transactions and financing activities reached a value of $25 million during the past year. We work primarily in the U.S. and Canada. The minimum deal size is typically $300,000 with no maximum. All other deals are considered on a case-by-case basis. And, we do work on deals with a 'story'.

This service includes:

1. Investigation of available financing sources and products. Our data base includes over 200 computerized and categorized sources of capital. National sources include conduits, life insurance companies, pension funds, credit companies, conduits, hard money lenders, and other private sources.

2. Evaluation of debt service capacity, financing feasibility and the most effective loan product to meet your needs.

3. Advice on the information and documentation needed to pursue the financing and assistance in preparing and processing the loan application and loan package in the most effective manner.

4. Negotiations to provide the best available amount, rate and terms in the marketplace are provided. Often this requires concurrent discussions with multiple lenders.

Gerald Kelly Capital's principal compensation is by commission, which can be paid out of loan proceeds at closing.

The company brings 24 years of experience in real estate financing to its clients' assignments and is particularly proud of its record of prompt service.

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